1 To 28 Day Cover

Temporary car insurance is a type of motor cover that that is for short-term purposes, and is available to anyone in the UK with a driver’s license. There are many reasons why people may need to obtain temporary car insurance. This is great to have if you are using a hired vehicle, like a moving truck, or a rental car. You can usually get temporary car insurance for 1 to 28 days and compare the cheapest quotes online within minutes.

For the most part, you also have to be older than 24 years old, and a secondary driver has to be at least 23. When you get comprehensive temporary car insurance, it covers things like fire, theft, and accidental damage. This way you are covered if something happens. When you need to secure a temporary car insurance policy, it is simple and fast to do online. You can also compare different companies to make certain that you are getting the best deal for your money.

A few reasons one might have the need for this type of insurance, is because they may have relatives visiting from overseas, and they may need temporary insurance while they are here, maybe even just for 1 day. You may also need temporary car insurance when you purchase a new vehicle, and need cover until you get an annual policy. This is also excellent to have if you are planning to take a road trip, and need to share the driving amongst different people.

Temporary car insurance is great for people that need the insurance right away, since they can usually print out their policy straight away after they pay, if they purchase it online. It is good to know that temporary car insurance is there when you need it, and it can be found at cheaper rates by going to the Internet and comparing various policies, so that you know you are getting a good deal with the cover you need.

You may wonder why on earth you should bother with something called three week car insurance when you already have fully comprehensive insurance on your car. There are a number of situations where temporary cover for three weeks could be beneficial to a driver.

If you plan on taking your car on holiday but don’t want to drive it yourself the whole time, then a three week temporary car insurance policy is ideal. As a general rule you will be charged one flat rate fee for this short term policy

Most short term policies are fully comprehensive so both you and the other driver, providing he or she was over the age of twenty four, would be covered. If anything does happen while the short term policy is in operation, then it won’t affect your no claims bonus if you have one. Temporary cover can also include business as well as personal use. Short term insurance policies are great because you no longer have to pay the premium for a whole year, just for the period stated, which can be from one to twenty eight days.

It is easy to get a quote for three week car insurance online; all you need is your standard British driving licence. Shop around a little before you buy as some of these policies are better than others and some are cheaper. Once you have found short term cover that is right for you, payment is made online and you will be able to print off your policy document and you’ll be raring to go. Even if you are not going away on holiday but have a guest in your house and you want to lend them your car while you are at work, short term insurance will do the job.